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Title: Nicostratos le pélican
Release date: 2011
Genres: Comedy; Drama
Actors: Emir Kusturica, Thibault Le Guellec, François-Xavier Demaison, Jade-Rose Parker, Gennadios Patsis, Valériane de Villeneuve, Yves Nadot, Ntinos Pontikopoulos, Dimitris Sarikizouglou, Socratis Patsikas, Olivier Horlait
Director: Olivier Horlait
Movie length: 92 min

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You will definitely like to have delight with Nicostratos le pélican that is one of the best Comedy actions of 2011. Starring in the action: Ntinos Pontikopoulos, Yves Nadot, Thibault Le Guellec. They are playing their roles in a cool way bringing us tons of delight from seeing how high quality they could play. It is the best of all actions of Ntinos Pontikopoulos. Running time of the action is: 92 mins and these mins wouldn’t leave you disappointed or some other things of this kind! You found amazing movie to see now. This is just wonderful! If you did not see this film yet then you must watch it. Open your eyes to this wonderful story. I think you will enjoy Nicostratos le pélican action. Thank you. :)

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